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News travels at the speed of light... and bad news travels even faster. Call today so your 'trial-by-fire' won't also be a public 'trial-by-media.'

Personal Interview Coaching: A new you. An image you want, that furthers your goals. Self-examination is always tough, and even more so when you see yourself the way the lens does. If you feel like there is a disconnect between what you are trying to say, and the perception you leave your audience, then individual coaching may be for you. These intense sessions help you break the bad physical and mental habits that get in the way of your message. Telling the truth is no advantage when performance shortfalls harm your credibility.


  • The importance of non-verbal communication, and how your body betrays your confidence.
  • Which stances and postures allow you to retain authority, comfort, and control.
  • How to reach a state of mind where you can both be genuine and look genuine.
  • How eye contact makes the difference between saying something and delivering it.
  • The tactics the interviewers don't want you to know.
  • How to make sure your best answers get the most attention.

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