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News travels at the speed of light... and bad news travels even faster. Call today so your 'trial-by-fire' won't also be a public 'trial-by-media.'

"Putting Out the Fire": Organization-saving advice that will keep a bad situation from getting worse.

HOW and WHEN you deal with the media onslaught will determine the long-term posture of your organization. (A great introduction to the material presented in the "Modern Media Seminar.")

Modern Media Seminar: The truth. Unfiltered.

If your only exposure to how "the media" works is through television and movies, then you need to hear this seminar. The old romantic notions about the news industry have all but faded away. You need to know how modern newsroom employees go about their jobs, and their daily routines. This seminar is filled with the advanced inside information that can put you ahead in the race for a Positive Position. A working knowledge of how news gets made can make you or break you.

Personal Interview Coaching: A new you. An image you want, that furthers your goals.

Self-examination is always tough, and even more so when you see yourself the way the lens does. If you feel like there is a disconnect between what you are trying to say, and the perception you leave your audience, then individual coaching may be for you. In intense sessions, we break the bad physical and mental habits that get in the way of your message. Telling the truth is no advantage when performance shortfalls harm your credibility.

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