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News travels at the speed of light... and bad news travels even faster. Call today so your 'trial-by-fire' won't also be a public 'trial-by-media.'

Rich Palmer began a broadcast career in radio even before he was graduated from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. He left an eight-year career with traditional broadcasting in 1991 to begin a career spanning two decades as a public safety media relations professional. He has served as the primary spokesperson for public safety agencies and community groups. His solid reputation as a crisis communicator has helped him establish professional and long-term relationships with media professionals in his market. He has mentored and coached members of the fire service, law enforcement, and schools on how to become better communicators when dealing with reporters. He is a past-president of the National Information Officers Association -- one of the largest organizations of public safety spokespersons in the U.S.

With an early entry into social media in 2005, Palmer has been a strong advocate of social media as a tool to improve communications between public safety agencies and their communities. He has introduced social media to many agencies, allowing them to build their own award-winning programs.

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