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News travels at the speed of light... and bad news travels even faster. Call today so your 'trial-by-fire' won't also be a public 'trial-by-media.'

Christine RiserChristine Riser is an award-winning and seasoned media professional with expertise on both sides of the camera and microphone. Experienced asking tough questions as a reporter and guiding news coverage as a General Manager, News Director, Executive Producer and Assignments Editor, Christine has a keen sense of what the media will want during a breaking news or crisis situation and can help you and your leadership team prepare for those moments with key communications skills in real-world settings.

Christine brings a combined 20 years of television, radio, online and print experience to Positive Position, along with a proven track record teaching strategic communications techniques to organizations and individuals. She has worked in large and medium market newsrooms across the country, is a past President of the Tennessee Associated Press Broadcasters Board and previous state coordinator for the Radio-Television News Directors Association.

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