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Two New Associates

Positive Position is proud to announce the addition of two new consultants and trainers, who will bring the curriculum to clients outside the Southeast. Christine Riser and Matt Nelko bring a variety of experiences to the effort, and have the history to breathe life into any training.

Based in East Tennessee, Riser is a 20-year news veteran who has worked just about every job you can imagine in news. She's anchored and reported radio, worked the assignment desks in television, produced newscasts, and run television newsrooms as the news director. Most recently, she was in charge of three different forms of journalism in Johnson City, Tennessee -- managing the collective efforts for a television station, a newspaper and an online property for northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia.

Nelko will operate out of Manhattan, where he most recently served as the Executive Producer of CBS News "Up to the Minute." His 14 years producing for CBS News are supplemented by his work in local radio in Pittsburgh and as an anchor for the Air America and Sirius radio networks. Matt's tenure in the heart of a network news operation gives him a perspective few can match, and he'll draw upon those anecdotes to drive home the realities of getting the most out of your encounter with the media.

We're proud and fortunate to have them both on the team!

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