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News travels at the speed of light... and bad news travels even faster. Call today so your 'trial-by-fire' won't also be a public 'trial-by-media.'

You'll never know when that bad news will strike, and the reporters and live trucks won't be far behind. In most instances, there are few things you can do to make the situation better... and many that can make them worse.

Do nothing...? That's the worst choice.

The old playbook used to call for "No comment." Unfortunately, "no comment" won't kill the story -- it just gives other people the chance to decide for the news consumer how to interpret your tragedy.

Since 2002, Positive Position Media Consulting has removed that fear by taking clients inside the process of how news becomes "news of the day." We offer valuable insights on how to respond to interviews in emergency situations - and how you can craft the messages that instill confidence.

You won't know when... You won't know how... but you will need this information, to prevent an adverse situation from becoming worse.

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